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How I go about teaching art to others and to myself

The first step is always the hardest, wether you are a professional or an amateur drafts-person.

I say this because learning something is always hard, especially when it comes to art forms that may not come natural to you.

That’s why I try to approach teaching from an angle of “Understanding” rather than a more “Strict” or “Ruling” type. This creates a dynamic where the teacher is also learning along the trip. Which in turn will make the pupils even more exited about challenging themselves on the white canvas.

"(...) I believe I have something that most teachers struggle with, which is empathy."

It is very hard for me to teach something that comes so natural to me but I believe I have something that most teachers struggle with, which is empathy.

I’d rather make you draw something you like a thousand times than making you do something fantastic that at the end of the day is just that and not something that the student can be proud of.

How should we deal with these things?

Each person has their unique skills and limitations (wether self imposed or actually there) so in order to get around this blockade we must find fun and engaging ways of practicing that which we love to do.

Quote about learning:

"Let no man think his labor of love is lost because the fruit does not immediatly appear."

Another important aspect of teaching and learning is the level of commitment brought by both parties. A good way to do that is by being focused on your performance and to write about you and your students strong points and or deficient points.

Being methodical is also important to this process because it will allow you to be more efficient in both learning and teaching. Unfortunately, method can only come from experience.

So... what are you waiting for?

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