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Hello! My name is Vento and I am a Luso-Brazilian artist currently living in Lisbon, Portugal.

I have years of experience providing services like: Illustration, Design, Storyboards, Portraits
Over the years I have worked with numerous clients, studios and brands to bring their ideas to light.
Some of the brands I have worked with include: HBO, Vodafone and Apple

My main focus over the years has been on developing high-quality Sketches and Illustrations focused on Visual development for the entertainment industry (Film & advertisement, Visual-effects and Animation).
As far as ideals go, I strive to achieve excellence with everything I do; I am very dynamic and extremely methodical.
I also like to study: History, Art, Philosophy, Religion and many other worldly topics...

My main hobbies are: Drawing & Martial-arts(Jiu-jitsu) but I also like to hang-out with friends, meet other artists, play chess, surf and go on long walks with my dogs.

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