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Explore João Vento's range of services, including illustration, design, storyboards, and portraits. With years of experience and a passion for excellence, João has worked with renowned brands such as HBO, Vodafone, and Apple to bring their ideas to life.

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Learn more about João Vento, a talented Luso-Brazilian artist with a passion for visual development.

His art is characterized by high-quality sketches and illustrations, showcasing his exceptional skill and attention to detail. João is also a student of history, art, philosophy, religion, and other subjects, always seeking to expand his knowledge and enrich his creative work.

Artista ArtofVento João Vento a dar workshop de ilustração
desenhador de storyboards joão vento a criar projeto de visual development film


Discover João Vento's impressive curriculum, including his collaborations with renowned brands and studios in the entertainment industry.


With a focus on visual development for film, advertisement, visual effects, and animation, João's work has earned him a reputation for delivering exceptional results.

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